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The First Presbyterian Church
495 Charles Avenue July 22, 2020
Alma, Michigan 48801

Dear Friends and Members of the First Presbyterian Church

Give me the resolution to say “No” to the good
So that I will be ready to give my “Yes” to the better.

Give me the courage to keep living in the open-endedness of the future
Without foreclosing the mysterious work of your Spirit in my haste or fear.

Give me the persistence to stay in the wilderness of unknowing
Until I am ready to receive your call.

Give me the strength to keep still and waiting
When all about me is pushing towards movement and activity and choice.

Give me the acceptance to live these days in uneventfulness,
-simplicity and hiddenness,
Without craving excitement, distraction or change.

Give me the grace to live in the emptiness of not doing
Without the rewards of achievement, fulfillment or success.

Give me the wisdom to discriminate between my own impatience to move forward
And your Spirit’s deep stirring of my spirit when the time is right to move.

Give me the faith to trust in Your obscurity,
The obedience to stay faithful to Your mystery.
The courage to keep tryst with your inscrutability.

(by Nicolo Slee)

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“On Changing One’s Mind

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