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The First Presbyterian Church
495 Charles Avenue July 22, 2020
Alma, Michigan 48801


O God of Sky and Earth
We reverence your presence
Both within us and beyond.
May what we eat sustain us
In the Way of compassionate sharing.
Help us to be forgiving –
Forgiving others, forgiving ourselves.
Liberate us from guilt
That learning from our mistakes
We may move beyond self-centeredness
To that depth of being
In which we are one with all things.

Dear FPC,
The Church office has prepared the offering envelopes. If you use them, Ellie will be at the Church this Tuesday from 1:00 -3:00pm, and can give them to you in person.
In the event, you are not able to get out – please email or call the Church and we can bring them to your door.

Also a reminder if you have been holding on to your pledge, we will gladly accept it! The Session meets on Monday to “solidify” the budget.
Thank you for your continuous support of the ministry at FPC. Your giving makes a difference.

Be well and safe,
-Pastor Joy

A few announcements:
1) The Pastor Nominating Committee has begun their work and are meeting every week – keep them and the process in your prayers.
(Michael Selmon, Susan Deel, Sheryle Dixon, Tim Lambrecht, Debra Meints, Darcy Hodges, Chuck Fortino)

2) FPC will be completely closed until December 15.
Feel free to call Pastor Joy on her cell: 952-358-1856.
If you must come into the church, please arrange a time.
Food Pantry and Community Café will also be closed until December. Worship Services will continue to be posted on Sunday mornings @ 10:30am.

3) Advent and Christmas will happen this year!
Remember to check FPC website and our Facebook
for the Advent Candle liturgy,
families sharing traditions,
and worship services.

Peace all around us,
Pastor Joy

In more usual times, Sunday Morning Worship in the Sanctuary begins at 10:30 am.