Easter Sunday, April 4th, 10:30 am. Click on this YouTube button at that time for a direct link to the live stream. This live streamed Easter service will include special music, liturgy and a celebration of the Resurrection.


First Presbyterian Church of Alma
is currently seeking to fill the position of pastor.
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Here is my Holy Week prayer:

Merciful One,
I enter the garden of your presence
open to the mystery of your love.
The hurt I have caused and the hurt I have borne
I lay to rest in the tomb of your grace.
All resentment, shame, dread and anxiety
I wrap in the linens of your mercy.
All distrust and defiance
I lay in the ground of your patient redeeming.
See if there be any evil in me,
and in your tender mercy lay it to rest.
Dawning One,
let Christ rise in me,
free of all fear, free of the power of doubt
and the shroud of the past.
Let Christ rise to new life in me,
wounded but whole,
radiant, forgiving and alive with your love.
Create me anew: by your grace let there be light.
This is the day you are making;
let me rejoice, and be glad in it.

Easter blessings,
–Pastor Joy

Remember the worship services are posted on the WORSHIP page of our website and also on our Facebook page at 10:30 am every Sunday morning.


Visit our Virtual WORSHIP page
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In more usual times, Sunday Morning Worship in the Sanctuary begins at 10:30 am.




  1. As you know, the new mission statement for FPC is to partner with Alma College, specifically around Food Ministries.
    • To continue the intentional relationship the First Presbyterian Church of Alma will partner with Alma College and the City of Alma to create a Community Garden! Two science professors are doing all the labor along with student volunteers and internships.
    • You are also invited to help out and receive some veggies too. The students will learn science and put it to use.
    • Our part is to provide a patch of land at the north end of the property along Charles Ave and also the use of water, that they will reimburse the church.
    • Roger Allman loves the idea to offer fresh vegetables to our guests. We would like to invite Food Pantry guests to share in the bounty too.
    • What a wonderful opportunity to share with the College and the community.
  2. Ted Hertzog a member of FPC a number of years ago, passed away this week. His ashes will be planted in Pennington beside his mother. Alex, his son, reminded me that he was baptized at FPC. Keep their family in your prayers.
  3. PARKING LOT COMMUNION will take place this Sunday, March 7th at 10:30am.
  4. I want you to know the workings of the Church continues. Listed are several meetings that have or will take place in the last week:
    • Wednesday, February 24th – Committee on Ministry of Lake Huron Presbytery (I am a member) met and approved FPC Ministry Information Form.
    • Sunday, February 28th – Mary Anne Evans led us in an excellent Session training, mostly on Zoom. Thank you Mary Anne.
    • Monday, March 1st – the Personnel Committee met via Zoom. (members include, Ann Baker/Chair, Nick Piccolo, Anne Lambrecht, Joyce Elsea/Session and Pastor Joy)
    • Wednesday, March 3rd – the Worship team met to plan spring and Easter worship.
    • The PNC continues to meet every Wednesday.
    • The Personnel committee hopes to hire a college student to help out in the office for the summer.
  5. On the Church’s website, is a brief Lenten devotional that uses Mary Oliver’s poems. On Wednesday, each week, a new devotional video will be posted on the LENT page of this website.
  6. And of course the virtual Sunday Worship Service video is posted at 10:30 am, each Sunday morning, on the WORSHIP page.

Hope to see you at the PARKING LOT COMMUNION.

Miss seeing your faces.
So many blessings,
– Pastor Joy