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Updated July 15, 2020

“PASTOR CHAT”, March 18, 2020, by Pastor Joy Smith
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Dear Friends and Members at the First Presbyterian Church,

We are in a time most of us have never experienced before. That means there is no instruction manual on how to do this. Except of course, CDC, federal and state guidelines. which I encourage all of us, to do.

These days are strange and unpredictable. Especially for those of you who are most vulnerable and or living alone. The sense of isolation can bring depression, worry about those we love. And can just make us crazy – at least for me. I read recently, some folks have found it helpful to express or write about everything you are experiencing and feeling. Not to deny or ignore. Recognize it is happening and have changed your everyday life. And then take deep breaths and remember we are all in this together.

Perhaps take this time to write notes, make phone calls, send cards and email and have those conversations you may have avoided in the past. Meanwhile, please know you have a church and pastor who honor and value you. And most of all believe God is closer to you now more than ever.

Please let me know if I or your church family can do anything to support you; additional groceries, pick up meds or laundry. We can always drop it off at your home.

Worship services and other meetings are cancelled until the “bell flattens”. The office is putting together the newsletter that will include my sermon and other information.

I will stay in touch. Take good care. Prayers and blessings all around us

— Pastor Joy Smith

(Pastor Chat, March 18, 2020, by Pastor Joy Smith)
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