The Rev. Thomas Brackbill

Dear Friends,

The rest of this year will be rolling along quickly. By the time you get this newsletter, Thanksgiving will be nothing more than a memory of finding left-overs in the refrigerator. We will have been Christmas shopping on foot and online. We will be scheduling out the various concerts, programs, pageants, and parties all through December. And, we will be heavily involved in Church activities, right?

My plans through December include some 'last-minute' work to be ready for our sabbatical. It will begin a few days after Christmas, and then I will be back in the office a few weeks before Easter.

That's how the calendar worked this year -three months between those two most important celebrations in the Christian calendar. Three months of trying some new things. Three months of 'different.'

I will miss some of the routine. I will miss the regular contact with many of you. But I will be taking some courses / workshops in January, February, and March. Driving to and from North Carolina will give me the opportunity to re-connect with some family members and college friends along the way.

I hope to find some days of 'different'; which will mean some days of rest, as well as some days of challenge. Not preparing sermons each week will give me more time for reading and studying - Scripture included. Sitting in worship services in other congregations will expose me to many new ideas (both good ones and 'interesting' ones).

You will have different voices in the pulpit on Sunday mornings. I would encourage you all to be here and be supportive of our Worship leadership. Session and the various committees will continue to meet and function in my absence - planning the various programs and ministries which we normally do.

There are brochures on the various counters / tables around the church - which spell out who is covering what in my absence. Contact information is provided for everything from asking the mundane questions to the emergency needs. We hope and pray that we have it all covered.

But if not, we will be thinking on our feet - discovering the various talents and abilities that we all have. Our experience on November 6 demonstrated just how flexible and talented you all are. (Explanation: I was called to the Emergency Room at 8:30 am on Sunday morning for Pam to be evaluated following a fall at the nursing home.) You handled the Worship service very well.

Well, here we go.

In Christ, Tom


Pastor Tom Brackbill going on Sabbatical

DECEMBER 28, 2016 through MARCH 29, 2017

    Sunday Mornings:
    Worship 10:30 a.m.

    Nursery is provided. Children under seven years are welcome to remain in the sanctuary for worship or may choose to go to the Nursery after the Children’s Lesson.
    Open communion is served on the first Sunday of each month.



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